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Declaration of Value – new procedures

Declaration of Value – new procedures,

for study purposes for the academic year 2024/2025: 

Documentation required for the issuance of the Declaration of Value

  1. Application – School Services Application (attached) – completed in full in capital letters and Latin characters.
  2. Photocopy of your valid passport or identity card
  3. Original or certified copy of the qualification, accompanied by the authentication of the Principal’s signature by the Ministry of Education, legalized with the Apostille by the Ministry of Justice and finally translated into Italian by a sworn translator registered in the list published on the Press and Information Office (P.I.O).
  4. Original “Vevaiosi Symmetochis” (certificate of participation) which certifies the possibility for the candidate to participate in the Pancypriot selections for enrolment at the Cyprus or Hellenic Universities for the Academic Year 2024-2025, translated into Italian.
  5. A certificate declaring that the final secondary school qualification “Apolytirio” was obtained after at least 12 years of schooling. Interested parties can contact the secondary school they attend or the competent secondary education directorate to obtain it. The “Apostille” must be affixed to the original document.


The Declaration of Value must be requested exclusively by the applicant* at the Cultural Office of the Italian Embassy in Nicosia by appointment.

The appointment must be requested via email at the email address , attaching a copy of the documents indicated in the Documentation section above.

*requests sent or presented through intermediaries /or/ study agents will be rejected.

Please note that the DV request cannot be processed if the documentation is incorrect or incomplete. Furthermore, the procedure will be delayed if this Office is called upon to carry out further investigations.

Interested people are invited to send their request well in advance so as to avoid showing up very close to the beginning of the academic year. Given the high number of applications, the Office cannot always guarantee the processing on time.

If it is necessary to issue the Fiscal Code (codice fiscal) for study purposes, please indicate it in your email message.

The application Form related to the Fiscal Code (see mod) must be completed and submitted alongside the rest of the documents on the day of the appointment. The Consular Office will send the fiscal code at a later stage via email.


Processing time for the issuance of the Declaration of Value and collection

The Cultural Office undertakes to guarantee the minimum necessary processing times for requests, which may vary based on the volume of work.

In consideration of the high number of applications received, especially during the summer period, it is advisable to send your request well in advance, as soon as you have all the necessary documents.

Requests are processed in chronological order of arrival, according to transparency and impartiality criteria. To avoid any delays, applicants are required to carefully read the instructions in order to submit their applications as completely as possible.

It will be the Embassy’s responsibility to inform interested parties on how to collect their documents as soon as they are ready. Applicants are required to indicate their email address on the Request form, next to the telephone number.



The Declaration of Value issued for the purpose of studies is free.


General Information

The “Declaration of Value” is a document certifying the value of a degree obtained in an education system other than the Italian. It is written in Italian language and it is issued by the Italian diplomatic missions abroad.

The purposes for which it may be required Declaration of value are the following:

  1. a) further education school and university;
    b) enrolment at the University;
    c) approval of a university to continue their postgraduate studies (master, doctorate, etc.);
    d) equivalence.

The Qualifications or degrees obtained abroad are not automatically recognized in Italy, that is to say that they have no legal value. Therefore, the Declaration of Value has the sole purpose of describing the value acquired by the Education in the country of origin and contains the following data:

  • Surname, name, date and place of birth of the holder
  • Establishment under whose authority the certificate was issued
  • Data for licenses
  • Institute of education issuing the degree
  • Duration of studies
  • Final grade
  • Grading system


In Cyprus the Apostille stamp can be applied by the Ministry of Justice.


Before requesting an Apostille, it is necessary to have the signature of the scholastic/academic authority (i.e. the principal of the school) authenticated by the Ministry of Education.

Embassy / Consulate of competence

The Declaration of Value is an official document issued by the Italian Embassy in the country where the degree was issued. When the awarding institution is part of the education system of another country, the competent diplomatic authority is the Italian Embassy/Consulate General in the country of the education system of reference. Therefore, for example, in the case of degrees earned in Cyprus and awarded from British schools, the Consulate General of Italy in London will issue the declaration of value and the legalization. The Cypriot students who have completed a degree abroad should contact the Italian Embassy in the country where the certificate was issued (in the case of qualifications obtained in Greece: the Italian Embassy in Athens).