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EU-Balkan Youth Forum on 22-26 November 2021

The Embassy is pleased that the EU-Balkan forum, held in Rome on the 22-26 November 2021, was a success and that the two Cypriot young representatives found the Forum to be an enlightening experience.

Asya said that it was a great initiative that brought together young people from all over the EU and the Balkans to discuss in different workshops. During the Forum she was pleased to meet and work with some of the brightest mind of her generation. She was enthusiast also because she had the unique opportunity to ask directly questions and propose ideas to some high-level officials during the panels.

Stavros find the Forum experience to be an edifying experience and he too was very cheerful to having met exceptional peers from different countries, backgrounds, cultures, and competences. He believed that, although there is still a lot of work to do, they were able to reach some very thoughtful and original propositions concerning the issues under discussion.

Moreover, they were very happy and pleased that they had the possibility of visit Rome.

Thank You Asya and Stavros for your feedback.

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