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EU-Balkan Youth Forum on 22-26 November 2021

The Embassy is glad to present the two Cypriot selected young representative at the EU-Balkan Youth Forum on 22-26 November 2021.

Asya Beyaz, master’s degree student on European Projects Management in the University of Strasbourg, and Stavros Pounnas, currently concluding his studies in Accounting and Finance at the University of Cyprus.

Asya, who benefited greatly from her experience gained during her traineeship at the European Parliament Liaison Office in Cyprus where she had the chance to enhance her understanding and networking skills and witnessing how the EU operates, working to maintain the communication between the two Cypriot communities, has very high expectations from the EU-Balkan forum: “This would not only be an invaluable opportunity to work with not only experienced mentors but also my peers across Europe on several topics to build a common future for the EU. This forum would allow me to experience youth cooperation across Europe at first-hand and contribute to it as well.”

Stavos, who worked at the Protocol Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus for a period of 6 months and then have successfully completed two internship cycles at the Advisory and Assurance Departments of a multinational accounting and finance firm, believes that: “challenges concerning the environment, economy, civil affairs and democratic engagement could not be solved in a week’s Forum. Nevertheless, our commitment and obligation is to lay meaningful, thoughtful and authentic foundations and provide a fresh perspective for socio-political reforms and mobilize new interest through the networks and channels established”.