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Biennale Habitat 2020-2022



After the official postponement of the Opening Ceremony of the Biennale Habitat 2020-2022, which was to be held on the 5th May 2020 in Rome with subsequent planned events in 2020 scheduled in Egypt, Spain, Croatia, France, Tunisia and Lebanon, Habitat World in collaboration with the Italian Link Campus University and their partners have been launching a series of three webinars focusing on the three Pillars of the BIENNALE HABITAT WORLD 2020-2022: Heritage, Environment (including the business and economic environments) and Human Thinking.

The first webinar “Rethinking Heritage in the Euro-Mediterranean Region – Launching Initiatives in Overcoming Shock Scenarios”, focusing on HERITAGE, has been held last month and it is now available here.

The second webinar “Green and Blue Economy Initiatives and Finance Innovations in Facing the Buffering Global Effects of Shock Scenarios – The New Environment”, focusing on ENVIRONMENT, will be held on 19 June, at 10 a.m. (CEST).

The webinar will seek the advice, opinion and suggestions of leaders, experts and public-private stakeholders focusing primarily on the Euro-Mediterranean area, as there is an urgent need for new, and relevant, sustainable development strategies that foster resilience, economic prosperity, social inclusiveness and environmental sustainability throughout the region.

The event will be held in English and registration is required no later than 18 June 2020 by writing an email to

Further information on the last webinar will be given in due course.

Habitat World is an international organisation based in Italy with a focus on the Mediterranean, South-East Europe, the Black Sea region and Africa. Its main objectives are the safeguarding of sustainable development and smart growth assistance to communities and entities, living, working, and interacting with and within the target areas. Biennale Habitat was created as a tool to foster collective, interdisciplinary, and multicultural dialogue that promotes excellence in the target areas and create networks for sustainable development of exemplary projects involving public- private joint ventures.

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