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Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize 2019 – Call for Applications

The “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize” is created and organized by Porta Coeli Foundation and aims to foster Contemporary Art as a means for social and cultural development. The Prize was conceived to ensure a primary role to contemporary art within the framework of artistic and cultural European events of interest involving the town of Matera and the Basilicata region.

The “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize” is intended as a biennial international event to be held in the most evocative venues in the Basilicata region, historically tending towards multicultural integration due to its central position in the Mediterranean area. The “Mediterranean” as a concept rather than a mere place is meant to inspire the creation of absolutely free and original artistic themes, identity-oriented and open to cultural contaminations at the same time. Thinking “Mediterranean” equals recognizing the undeniable value of diversity and seeing cultural contamination as the only instrument for individuals and communities’ evolution, not as a risk for each single identity. Thus, the international nature of the format, aimed at a wide range of individualities and cultural identities, wants to offer an extraordinary opportunity for encounter, dialogue and growth at a time in which the word “evolution” seems to refer to increasingly stereotyped and uniformed solutions.

The carefully selected exhibition space will immerse artists and artworks into the dearest that were dear to Emperor Frederick II. Known as Stupor Mundi, in the Middle Ages he promoted the concept of human knowledge unity and universality, feasible only allowing exchange between cultural identities, each contributing with their own knowledge. The Castel Lagopesole village will host the contemporary art group exhibition “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize” in its Frederick’s castle and Medieval atmospheres.

For the first edition of the Prize to celebrate the role of Matera as European Capital of Culture, Porta Coeli Foundation offers the “Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize | European Capital of Culture 2019”. The Prize enjoys the moral patronage of a number of institutions and is supported by
non-governmental partners.

For further information in order to participate to the competition please visit the official website.