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Fashion For Life – Europa Donna CYPRUS

Press Release

Fashion For Life – Europa Donna CYPRUS

Dedicated to the women who have fought and are still fighting for their lives, is once again this year the Fashion Show «Fashion For Life», which is being held on Wednesday 10th of October, at 7:15p.m., at the Residence of the Italian Ambassador, in Nicosia.

All of the income from the event, which is under the auspices of the First Lady Andri Anastasiade, will be provided for the financial enhancement of Europa Donna Cyprus. At the event, amongst others, branded boutiques are participating, which represent in Cyprus some of the now known names from the world of international fashion. Those present will have the chance to enjoy all of the latest trends in fashion for Autumn-Winter 2018-2019 in a magical scenery.

The purpose of the event, apart from its charitable character, is to provide optimism, but also to preview the positive image of the body, even when a woman is going through tough moments or experiences.

Amongst the participants are Edge Boutique, Elma & Fred, First Boutique, Kult, Labels, Must, Retrovi, Tiffany, Volt+ etc.

Major donors are the Italian Embassy in Cyprus, Petrolina and Streetsmart Solutions Ltd. Sponsors are KEAN, DELEMA McCann, Beauty Line, L’Oreal, Landas, printEmphasis and Lanitis.

Media sponsors are magazines Omikron and DownTown and the TV station Ant1. The organizer of this event is Visiontarget2030.

Tickets are available for sale at the above mentioned boutiques, at the premises of Europa Donna Cyprus and at the Embassy of Italy in Nicosia. For more information please contact 22 490 849.