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Discover the Veneto Region through Mountains, Lakes and Natural Parks

Not only cultural tourism as shown last week, the Veneto Region, thanks to its mountains, lakes and natural parks is also a destination for nature-lovers.

Fly from Larnaca to Verona and visit the Veneto Region. Thanks to the vast rail network that connects Verona to the other cities of the region, you will be able to reach all the different touristic destinations in only few hours.

Watch this video and discover all the beauties that the Veneto Region offers!



Among the world’s most beautiful peaks, crystal clear air, unspoiled wilderness, and pretty villages: that’s the magic of the Dolomites and the Veneto mountains. They start at the soft landscape at the foot of the Alps and go up to the breathtaking peaks of the Dolomites that in 2009 were declared a World Heritage by UNESCO. Mount Baldo and the Mountains of Lessinia stand on the slopes of Verona while the Plateau of Asiago and Fiorentini stand on Vicenza’s ones. If we go towards Treviso, there is Monte Grappa and one of the oldest forests of Italy can be found between the Alpine foothills of Treviso and the Plateau of Cansiglio.

Explore these beautiful mountainous landscapes on the website of the Veneto Region.



Pools of clear water, small villages, picturesque harbors, landscapes and lots of sport: few words to sum up the uniqueness of the lakes in the Veneto region. The best known is Lake Garda or the “Riviera of Olives” with its towns scattered along the eastern shore of the lake. This beautiful region also has smaller bodies of water, places where history and nature coexist harmoniously and which are all beautiful in their own right: the lakes of Santa Croce, Cadore, Agordino, Revine, Corlo and Mis. In addition to sport, the lakes also offer interesting landscapes and historical and cultural attractions.

Explore these lakes on the website of the Veneto Region.



From the mountains to the sea, Veneto boasts six protected natural areas. You will be able to enjoy the dreamy landscape of the Park of the Po Delta, the stone giants and breathtaking scenery of the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites, the magical mountains of the Ampezzo Dolomites Regional Park, the rolling landscape of the Euganei Hills Park, the fairytale scenery of the Sile River Regional Park and eventually the Natural Regional Park of Lessinia, a paradise for paleontologists and archaeologists.

Discover the amazing landscapes of the natural parks by visiting the website of the Veneto Region.


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