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EUROPEAN ELECTIONS JUNE 2024: interdiction of double voting and double candidacy

The elections for the European Parliament will take place throughout the European Union on 6-9 June 2024 . As on previous occasions, Italian citizens residing in Cyprus will be able to exercise their right to vote in this same country, or at the Italian Embassy. The reference legislation is that of the  Directive no. 93/109/EC – 6/12/1993 which is available on the web. Here a short selections of the main principles:
  1. no one may stand as a candidate in more than one Member State during the same European elections;
  2. No one may vote more than once during the same election cycle;
  3. If you are resident abroad in an EU Member State, you can exercise your right to vote in your country of residence. As far as Cyprus is concerned, compatriots residing here who wish to avail themselves of this possibility will vote for candidates registered on the Cypriot electoral roll by casting their vote in the polling stations that will be established in the municipality of residence. Alternatively, they can come to the Embassy where a polling station will be set up. In  this case, the vote cast will be used to elect candidates registered on the Italian electoral lists;
  4. since double voting is prohibited, Italians residing in Cyprus will be asked to exercise their voting option no later than 2 April 2024 in accordance with procedures that will be communicated at a later date;
  5. Voters who hold more than one nationality of Member States of the European Union may exercise their right to vote only once, in favour of candidates from only one of the States of which they are nationals.