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Multinational exercise "NEMESIS 2020"



Multinational exercise

On 14 October, 2020 Italy took part for the 7th consecutive year in the multinational exercise "NEMESIS 2020", conducted in the EEZ of the Republic of Cyprus. Eight countries - Cyprus, Italy, Egypt, Greece, France, the USA, Israel, and the United Kingdom - as well as 6 private companies’ vessels participated in the exercise with their assets and personnel.

“NEMESIS – 2020” focused on antiterrorism, Search and Rescue and antipollution operations with the aim of safeguarding economic activities in the Mediterranean region. In the exercise scenario, 21 maritime units and 12 air assets participated and Special Operations Teams executed various scenarios.

For the press release (in English) of the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Cyprus Charalambos Petrides click here.

For the press release (in Greek) of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Cyprus click here.