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Declaration of Value and Legalization of Documents


Declaration of Value and Legalization of Documents




Foreigners and Italians residing abroad can be admitted into Italian universities by filing an application with the Consulate which must be accompanied by the prescribed documentation, to be approved by the competent Italian authorities on the basis of their evaluation of the educational credentials received abroad. The Consulate Student Office must also ascertain and certify that the credentials for lower and upper secondary school are sufficient for admission into university courses according to the regulations of the country in which they were completed ("Statement of Equal Value").


The Declaration of Value

The "Declaration of Value" is a document certifying the value of a degree obtained in an education system other than the Italian. It is written in Italian language and it is issued by the Italian diplomatic missions abroad (Embassies/Consulates) "competent for the area", the closest to the city where the institution that issued the foreigner.

The purposes for which it may be required Declaration of value are the following:
a) further education school and university;
b) enrolment at the University;
c) approval of a university to continue their postgraduate studies (master, doctorate, etc.);
d) equivalence.

The Qualifications or degrees obtained abroad are not automatically recognized in Italy, that is to say that they have no legal value. Therefore, the Declaration of Value has the sole purpose of describing the value acquired by the Education in the country of origin and contains the following data:

  • Surname, name, date and place of birth of the holder
  • Establishment under whose authority the certificate was issued
  • Data for licenses
  • Institute of education issuing the degree
  • Duration of studies
  • Final grade
  • Grading system



If the country where the certificate was issued has signed the Hague Convention (October 5, 1961), the title must affix the so-called "Hague Apostille" (Apostille) before requesting the declaration of value. In Cyprus the Apostille stamp can be applied by the Ministry of Justice.


Before requesting an Apostille, it is necessary to have the signature of the scholastic/academic authority (i.e. the principal of the school) authenticated by the Ministry of Education.


Embassy / Consulate of competence

The Declaration of Value is an official document issued by the Italian Embassy in the country where the degree was issued. When the awarding institution is part of the education system of another country, the competent diplomatic authority is the Italian Embassy/Consulate General in the country of the education system of reference. So, for example, in the case of degrees earned in Cyprus and awarded from British schools, the Consulate General of Italy in London will issue the declaration of value and the legalization. The Cypriot students who have completed a degree abroad should contact the Italian Embassy in the country where the certificate was issued (in the case of qualifications obtained in Greece: the Italian Embassy in Athens).



The Declaration of Value issued for the purpose of studies is free.


How to request the Declaration of Value

The Declaration of Value may be submitted in person or sent by post along with the following documentation:

1. application completed and signed by the person (Form C)
2. photocopy of your passport/identity card
3. qualifications in original or certified copy, bearing the signature authentication of the Dean by the Ministry of Education, legalized with the Hague Apostille by the Ministry of Justice, and finally translated by Press and Information Office (PIO).

For more information please contact the Consular Section of the Embassy: