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Cooperazione culturale


Cooperazione culturale

Study in Italy


Between Italy and Cyprus an Agreement on Cultural Cooperation was signed in Nicosia on 29 June 1973 and it is aimed at enhancing cooperation in the cultural, educational and scientific fields, plus scholarships. The agreement is executed through Protocols with the validity of three yeras. On 6 June 2005 the two countries have signed a new agreement titled "Cultural, Scientific, Technological and Educational Agreement". This is a more comprehensive and articulated agreement, which intends to promote wider joint activities and further developing the bilateral relations. Pending ratification, this agreement is not yet in force.


Every year the Embassy of Italy organizes the Italian Month in Cyprus, an articulated program of event to promote Italian culture, music, design and gastronomy. The initiative meets an increasing success among the Cypriot public.

Programmazione_culturale_Ambasciata_d'Italia_Nicosia_2009 - 2011


The Italian language in Cyprus is taught at the High Schools, University, Dante Alighieri Society and numerous private schools. Over the past years Italian course have grown steadily thanks to the increasing request by students, both young and older.  

The Embassy of Italy in Nicosia cooperates with such institutions providing funds, scholarship, various didactic materials, assistance and information. Since November 2008, the above institutions can freely loan 299 titles of classic and more recent Italian films.

Every year in October, the Embassy of Italy organizes the Week of the Italian Language with promotional events, conference and meetings in cooperation with the Dante Alighieri Society, the University of Cyprus and the Associations Leonardo Da Vinci and that of the Italian teachers.      

High Schools    
Italian is taught in numerous High Schools of Cyprus with 13 permanent teachers and 27 on a contract. Italian is choosen by more than 52% of the students and is currently the most preferred foreign language after English.

For the current year (2010-2011), the students are:

Class B

  • 3541 students 

Class C

  • 3667 students

Italian is taught at the Language Centre of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Cyprus and is based on four levels. Students enrolled were the following: 160 in 2002, 144 in 2004, 183 in 2006, 189 in 2007, 172 in 2008 and 259 in 2011. The courses for 2010-2011 are: 8 courses at I level, 2 courses at II level, 1 course at III level. Since 2008 level 4 was activated. Also, it is taught al the language center of the University of Nicosia (4 courses / 2 levels, for a total of 97 students). From September 2010 italian laguage is taught at the Language Centre of the Cyprus University of Technology in Limassol.

Students acquire the four linguistic skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) together with knowledge of social, historic and cultural aspects of Italy. Apart from textbooks, these courses are conducted also through guided use of contemporary media such newspapers, television, films and other forms of instructional technology including the Internet and the WebCT course management system.  The staff of teachers consists of 2 teachers of Italian mother language  appointed by the University and a Lecturer sent from Italy by the Ministry of Italian Foreign Affairs.

The courses are structured according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The courses offered at present are of four levels. They are mainly aimed at teaching the living current language. Various other aspects of the Italian culture and literature are taken into consideration, mainly at level  4.  

For more information:  University of Cyprus   

Courses Description  

Beginner Italian Level 1
The general purpose is to acquire the ability to speak and understand basic Italian, oral and written, for immediate personal needs. Special attention is given to pronunciation and basic grammar structures.  

Beginner Italian Level 2
The aim of this level is to give students the ability to understand and use expressions for communication in routine tasks and matters and to describe personal background or local environment. Attention is mainly focused on the verbs and more complicated structures.    

Intermediate Italian Level 1          Course 3 
Students learn to produce broader range of communicative and interactive expressions related to personal information, social events and exchanges, buying, employment. Students comprehend clear messages and announcements. Particular aspects of Italian customs and culture are studied through articles from magazines and other papers.    

Intermediate Italian Level 2           Course 4
A wide range of different situations will be given regarding exchange of everyday information and expressions. Students acquire the ability to express themselves in written and spoken Italian using more complex syntactic structures. At this level students are confronted with more culture of Italy and extracts of literary texts of contemporary Italian  authors. 

Two religious institutes managed by the Maronite community in Cyprus, Limassol St Mary's School (800 students) and Terra Santa (The Holy Land School) in Nicosia (250 students) offer italian courses at primary and secondary education.

The Società Dante Aligheri offers italian courses for adults in 4 levels for a total of 50 students.


To study in Italy, please find all the necessary information in the dedicated web site Study in Italy.


In the framework of the Cultural Agreement between Italy and Cyprus, the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs offers on a yearly basis some scholarships for studying in any Faculty of recognized Italian Universities, both public and private. The criteria for granting the scholarship are decided by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Every year, the Embassy informs the Cypriot Authorities of the number of available scholarships. These are then publicized on the Official Journal of the Republic of Cyprus. Usually, preference is given to scholarships to be used in post-doc studies. The scholarships are assigned by a Joint Committee with the participation of representatives of the Embassy and of the competent Cypriot Authorities.   


The “Società Dante Alighieri” (SDA) is a non-profit organization aiming at the promotion of the Italian language and culture.
The Cyprus Committee was founded in 1998; it is based at the Italian Embassy in Nicosia, and the Italian Ambassador is the Honorary President.
President of SDA Cyprus is Ms Maria Rosaria Belgiorno, Vice Presidents are Mr Andreas Zenonos and Ms Maria Gabriella Arru.SDA organizes several Italian language courses. All the teachers are Italian native speakers.
Currently have been activated 4 levels of “Language, Grammar and Italian culture”, an 2 levels of "Conversation".
The program of the courses is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
All classes take place in the afternoon/evening. First and second level courses are twice a week (two lessons by 1.5 hours each), while higher level courses are once a week (one lesson by 2 hours).
Courses for non beginners start in October and finish in May.
Courses for beginners start in January and finish in July. I
ntensive courses are organized in June, July and September.

For more informations please contact Mrs. Rosi. Tel 96-610900


Italian - Turkish Cypriot friendship Association

An Italian - Turkish Cypriot friendship Association was recently established in Nicosia. The Association is a private, non profit organization with the aim of promoting Italian language and italian culture and keeping alive the cultural links between the two societies.


Relevant contacts are:    / +905338622979 /  +905338343302