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Italia e Cipro - 60 anni di relazioni diplomatiche 1961-2021



Italia e Cipro - 60 anni di relazioni diplomatiche 1961-2021

This year we celebrate 60 years of diplomatic relations between Italy and Cyprus. Τhe Embassy of Italy, in order to pay a tribute to this important milestone, has published a booklet that testifies, through a series of photos and historical documents, the excellent relations that exist between our two countries.


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The Embassy of Italy wishes to thank the Cyprus State Archives, the Press and Information Office (PIO), the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), the Historical Archives of the Presidency of the Italian Republic, as well as the Historical Archives and Press Service of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their disposal and access to their historical archives.

Special thanks goes to Mr. Nicos Ierodiaconou (Ierodiaconou design Concepts) and Laser Graphics Ltd who have made this project possible.

Below are the introductory messages of the Secretary General of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Amb. Elisabetta Belloni (now Director General of the Dept. of Information Security) and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Amb. Kornelios Korneliou, together with the message of the Ambassador of Italy in Cyprus Andrea Cavallari.

“Sixty years have passed since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Italy and Cyprus. Year after year, a solid partnership has developed, becoming even deeper and more significant after the accession of Cyprus to the European Union in 2004, which Italy strongly favored.

Bonded by a long common history, shared political and economic interests, Italy and Cyprus are working together to promote a greater stability and prosperity in the Mediterranean region.

I was particularly proud of the work done during my tenure as Secretary General of the Italian MFA, in particular of the very fruitful and effective bilateral consultations held in 2018 and 2020 with my Cypriot counterparts.

This booklet, for which I congratulate the Italian Embassy in Nicosia, illustrates well how those efforts were part of a much longer and intense history of friendship, common endeavors and fruitful work among our two Countries.“

Elisabetta Belloni

Permanent Secretary, MFA Italy

“This year marks the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Cyprus and Italy.

The Italian Republic was one of the first countries to recognize the newly formed Republic of Cyprus.

Ties between our peoples go way back in history, when the island was a hub for Roman trade routes, while Venetian-era bridges and other landmarks are part of our country’s historical mosaic.

Our Mediterranean heritage binds us together, as is our EU identity and our shared democratic ideals based on international legality.

Throughout the years, our relations have grown into a concrete partnership, working together on an array of issues ranging from the protection of cultural heritage, to Energy, Migration and Defence, not only bilaterally but also in the framework of multilateral fora, such as the United Nations and the European Union. Business exchanges are thriving, as are the people to people contacts.

Cyprus remains committed to this partnership, and we look forward to an exciting new chapter of collaboration for the benefit of our countries and our region.”

Kornelios Korneliou

Permanent Secretary, MFA Cyprus

“Over sixty years of intense diplomatic relations between Italy and Cyprus have passed since President Gronchi and Archbishop Makarios III exchanged messages over the independence of Cyprus, on 15th August 1960, and expressed their willingness to open formal diplomatic missions, creating the basis for a special relationship between the two Countries.

Since then, Heads of State and Government, Speakers of Parliaments, Ministers and other officials both Cypriot and Italian, have frequently exchanged visits, contributing with their personal commitments to build a strong and long-lasting bond that has its roots in ancient times. The common belonging to the European family and the Mediterranean region has been the backbone of a meaningful partnership.

The Ambassadors of the two Countries - a list of which is provided at the end of this booklet - and their respective staffs, developed over the decades a vast network of relations and friendship that have encompassed all the spectrum of our common interests, from the political and economic fields to the cultural, scientific, environmental and defence sectors, just to name a few.

With this commemorative booklet, which is published to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of our diplomatic relations, the Embassy of Italy in Nicosia wishes to pay tribute to all the women and men who built lasting connections and true friendship between Italy and Cyprus.

I wish to thank the Press and Information Office of Cyprus, the State Archives of Cyprus and the Cyprus News Agency, as well as the Archives of the Presidency of the Italian Republic and of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for making available their photographic and historical material.

Many heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Marie Ghalanos, of the Italian Embassy in Nicosia, for accompanying me with all her passion, dedication and personal engagement in the making of this project.

Finally, my gratitude goes to Ambassador Elisabetta Belloni, Secretary General of the Italian MFA, and Ambassador Kornelios Korneliou, Permanent Secretary of the Cyprus MFA for accepting to place this project under their auspices.”

Andrea Cavallari

Ambassador of Italy in Cyprus