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Exhibition “Napoli e il Risorgimento Greco. Napoli-Atene-Nicosia 1821-2021”



Exhibition “Napoli e il Risorgimento Greco. Napoli-Atene-Nicosia 1821-2021”

On the occasion of the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution, also celebrated in Cyprus, the State Archives of Naples, the General State Archives of Athens and the Society of Cypriot Studies of Nicosia jointly organized the exhibition "Napoli e il Risorgimento Greco. Napoli-Atene-Nicosia 1821-2021".

The exhibition, which takes place simultaneously in Naples, Athens and Nicosia, highlights the relations existing between Italy, Greece and Cyprus at the time of the Greek Revolution of 1821. The "nations" were resurrecting and the relations between the Greek Revolution and the Italian Risorgimento, parallel and interconnected processes, are numerous. From all over Europe, led by the Risorgimento ideal and by pro-Hellenism, many came to support the insurgent Greece. Several documents exhibited for the first time in the exhibition testify the participation of numerous Cypriots in the struggle for Greek independence.

Pending the inauguration of the exhibition at the Cyprus Folk Art Museum in Nicosia when conditions permit, more than 150 unpublished documents arranged in the historical rooms of the Naples State Archives are available online and can be consulted through a virtual tour.

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition of the Society of Cyprus Studies. 

State Archives of Naples:

link to the virtual tour;

link to the video slides of the exhibition.

The President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Hon. Roberto Fico, underlined in a video message for the inauguration of the exhibition in Naples how the Greek revolution was "a cultural and patriotic movement that called men and women from all over Europe to fight side by side with the Greeks against the Ottoman dominion and was one of the forges of the common European identity. The Italians who went to Greece not only shared with the Greeks the aspiration for freedom, but were also aware of the ideal commonality and historical roots of the two peoples ".

Click here for the video message.

The exhibition in Nicosia is under the auspices of the Embassy of Italy.