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Cyprus International Education and Career Exhibition 2020



Cyprus International Education and Career Exhibition 2020

This year the Embassy of Italy will participate once again to the Cyprus International Education and Career Exhibition in Nicosia, from 7 to 9 February 2020. Prospective students will have the opportunity to discover the world of Italian high education, find the university courses more suited to their interests and interact with representatives of the Embassy and the University of Naples Federico II.

Italy is the ideal choice for students who want to experience a centuries-old academic tradition combined with advanced research facilities. From Arts and Humanities to Technical and Scientific Studies, Italian Tertiary education institutions have the full range of academic offerings.

In addition to the excellence of Italian education, a good reason to study in Italy is certainly to have the opportunity to learn one of the most spoken languages. Italian is today the fourth most studied language in the world with over 2 million students. According to the report "l'Italia che Cambia nel mondo - 2019", around 1700 Cypriot students currently study Italian. Knowing Italian means having an invaluable tool and skills to access and understand in depth the immense cultural, historical and artistic Italian heritage.