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2nd Cyprus Archeological, Ethnographic & Historical Film Festival



2nd Cyprus Archeological, Ethnographic & Historical Film Festival

The Italian Embassy in Nicosia is pleased to support the 2nd edition of the Cyprus Archeological, Ethnographic & Historical Film Festival which will be held from 12 to 15 September at the Cultural Centre "Skali" in Aglantzia, Nicosia. The event is organized by Α.Ε.Ι. AUDIOVISUAL FORUM, Tetraktys Films production Company, the Municipality of Aglantzia and CyBC.

The Festival will screen documentaries of archaeological, ethnographic and historical character, produced by Cypriot, Italian and international filmmakers, along with collateral events such as exhibitions, workshops and guided tours.


Italy will be present at the Festival with the following events:

• The 3D digital exhibition ArcheoMed3D produced by the Italian studio Altair4 Multimedia. The ArcheoMed3D project, through the technique of augmented 3D reality, offers the three-dimensional reconstruction of archaeological sites in the Mediterranean, identified by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. ArcheoMed3D is a touring exhibition presented as part of the initiative "Italy, Cultures, Mediterranean" promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to foster dialogue between the two shores of the Mediterranean. It will be screened every day of the Festival from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. (in loop mode) in a hall of the Skali amphitheatre.

• The creator of the exhibition, director and owner of Altair4 Multimedia, Alessandro Furlan, will be present in person and will give a presentation on the theme "The House of Polybio in Pompeii" Saturday, September 14, from 12 to 13:30, at the Cultural Center in Karaolis Square in Aglanzia.

• On September 12 at 18.00 the documentary video Supper for the Dead Souls will be screened. It is a documentary of visual anthropology, made by Ignazio Figus and produced by ISRE, Istituto Superiore Regionale Etnografico della Sardegna. The film will compete for the Audience Award for the Best Foreign Documentary Film.

The cultural ties between Cyprus and Italy are particularly strong in the archaeological field. There are various Italian archaeological missions working on the island.

For more information and program visit the website AEI2019 Film Festival.