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Italian Research Day in the World 2019 - Cyprus



Italian Research Day in the World 2019 - Cyprus

The Italian Research Day in the World will be celebrated in Cyprus on April 16, 2019 with a special event organized by the Embassy of Italy in Nicosia in collaboration with The Cyprus Institute, one of the country's leading research and higher education centers.

The initiative, aiming to underline the importance of scientific-technological cooperation between Italy and Cyprus, includes the presentation of the work carried out by Mia Gaia Trentin and Dante Abate, both researchers at the Science and Technology in Archaeology and Culture Research Center (STARC) of The Cyprus Institute, and a lecture by Prof. Salvatore Carlucci, professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology trained at the Milan Polytechnic.

The Italian Research Day in the World is an initiative promoted by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Ministry of Health to enhance the Italian scientific-technological research abroad. The event takes place annually in conjunction with the anniversary of the birth of Leonardo da Vinci which marks this year the 500th anniversary.

Cooperation in the scientific and technological sector is one of the most dynamic lines in the relations between Italy and Cyprus. Bilateral relations in science and technology are framed in the Agreement for Cultural, Scientific, Technological and Educational Cooperation that came into force in 2016. The collaborations between scientific institutions of the two countries are numerous and in-depth, with more than twenty agreements in place between Italian and Cypriot universities/research centers.

Among these it is noted in particular the Memorandum of Cooperation between the CNR and The Cyprus Institute signed in 2017, on different topics: climate change and adoption of common strategies in the Mediterranean, energy, agro-food and biological science, human sciences, cultural heritage and archaeology, sustainable development and water management, computational sciences. In 2018 an agreement was signed between the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and the Cyprus Space Exploration Agency (CSEO) for cooperation in the space field.

There are also numerous individual initiatives of collaboration between Italian and Cypriot researchers, in the most varied fields, from archaeology (four Italian missions operating in Cyprus) to architecture, from design to urban planning (as it was possible to see recently on the occasion of the Italian Design Day in the world). This lively picture is completed by the large number of young people, university, Erasmus, Erasmus + students who choose to undertake a period of study/research in Cyprus or Italy, some of them through scholarships made available by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Italian Research Day in the World 2019 - Cyprus

Colloquium “Challenges and Opportunities in the Modeling and Simulation of the Built Environment”
The Cyprus Institute, Athalassa Campus, Nicosia
Tuesday 16 April - 15.30 hrs