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Slow Food initiative: "A future for Amatrice"



Slow Food initiative:

In the context of the solidarity initiatives that have sprung up in the aftermath of the earthquake in central Italy of August 24, the Embassy of Italy in Nicosia would like to bring to the attention of all restaurateurs and citizens of Cyprus the appeal of Carlo Petrini, President of Slow Food.
With A future for Amatrice (#unfuturoperamatrice), Slow Food asks restaurateurs from around the world to put the symbolic dish of this devastated town on their menus: pasta alla Amatriciana (recipe attached). They should keep it on the menu for at least a year, donating a small part of the proceeds to those affected in this tragedy.
By the same token, customers are kindly asked to choose these dishes wherever they find them in restaurants. The funds will be paid directly to the town of Amatrice.
The goal of the initiative is to provide an ongoing, steady stream of donations to those who have lived through the trauma, assisting them in returning to a sense of normality as soon as possible. In Mr Petrini’s words: “With a symbolic dish of the gastronomic history of Amatrice, we hope to spread the values of solidarity and sharing all over the world, typical of the farming culture it was born from.”
For donations, the IBAN for the municipality of Amatrice is: IT 28 M 08327 73470 000000006000
Description: Un futuro per Amatrice
For restaurateurs who would like to join the appeal:
(please cc the Italian Embassy in Nicosia:
The list of participating restaurateurs can be found on the Slow Food Italy website